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A little about us...
Access Denied TM appreciates the importance of reliable RFID/Identity Theft protection accessories. We are committed to excellence, bringing you the most up-to-date protection on the market. With innovation and consistent drive, Access Denied has been able to corner the market in RFID identity protection products.


About our products...

Our products meet FIPS-201 standards and the requirements of both the Buy America and Trade Agreement Acts. We have proven testing that has shown our products to guard against advanced RFID skimmers and scanners. RFID technology is spreading rapidly and we continue to build more and more products to help you protect yourself.


Lining each of our beautiful exclusive accessories, bags, cases, and credential holders is our exclusive patent-pending design. This proprietary technology has been carefully selected to create the perfect grouping of stealth technology and fabric design, making it impenetrable to RFID transmissions, while keeping it lightweight and flexible. Our protective shield fits like a glove to each of our products. 

Due to this unique blend of materials our accessories function like that of a normal wallet, case, or holder. No cracking sounds. No stiffness, No weird smells.


Our mission...

  • To offer advanced technology in the protection against identity theft.
  • To provide quality RFID resistant products in a variety of styles.
  • To provide everyday use protective products at affordable prices.
  • To give you top grade workmanship, material, and RFID firewall protection.



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